The Air Yeezy 2’s have just been released, the newest sneaker in the collaboration project between rapper Kanye West and Nike. With prices set to be around $245, the shoes have managed to get sneaker heads in quite a frenzy. One report even said an early pair put up on Ebay went for $90,000. That’s more than a lot of people make in an entire year, and could have bought this person a sleek, fancy automobile.

But it’s all about them shoes, you heard?

Someone from the News Channel 8 team in DC was able to grab a picture of a line at a local shoe store. Here’s the insanity that has befallen us:

Now that’s a line.

How desperate are some people for a pair of these sneakers? Well, one fellow suggested he’d do some, well, pretty outlandish (and slightly offensive) things just to land himself a pair:

So much hype for just one shoe.