Funny guy Patton Oswalt found some time away from his busy schedule today, and he knew just how he wanted to spend it:

Ok, so he doesn’t seem to know much about the movie he’s about to see. Still, he put it in all caps. That clearly means he’s excited.

What happened next? Well, his excitement was ripped away from him, stomped on, spat on, and kicked to the nearest curb.

The words “I dunno” should never really be used when explaining a problem that is keeping paying customers from viewing something they’ve been anticipating. The saddest part of it all is that it only got worse from there.

Patton Oswalt isn’t the only one who’s directed grumblings towards this particular theater:

Is there a way to put a positive spin on this? One can always try:

As if Regal couldn’t look any more silly, apparently their refund wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, either:

Oswalt decided he’d save the movie for next week while he was in Chicago:

AMC Theaters stepped up to the plate, offering to hook Patton Oswalt with some free tickets to one of their showings of “Prometheus.” Oswalt graciously declined.

Patton Oswalt has resigned himself to seeing the movie next week, while he continues to fill Twitter with his frustration:’