Music mastermind Simon Cowell is currently suffering from a bit of bronchitis, and he’ll be missing some upcoming  USA “X-Factor” auditions. His replacement, entertainment manager and judge on the British “X-Factor” Louis Walsh, is being flown over by jet to cover for him.

While Simon’s generally grim disposition and ability to tell the truth in an overly hurtful manner sometimes frustrates fans (and even co-judges), he is an integral part of the system. Also, without him, one might suggest things aren’t as lively or as controversial.

Pop star and new “X-Factor” judge Britney Spears probably didn’t think she would, but she finds herself missing the judge:

As for the replacement, Spears didn’t mind a bit of joking around with Louis Walsh, suggesting she didn’t even know who he was:

Most of Spears’ fans and followers agreed with her sentiments, and on the necessity of Simon Cowell.