When he performed earlier this week on “America’s Got Talent,” smooth country singer Tim Poe looked and sounded like a formidable opponent — a frontrunner in a show with stiff competition.

His edge? After performing Garth Brooks’ “Tomorrow Never Comes,” he told the celebrity judges and audience a heart-wrenching tale about having served in the military and being wounded in Afghanistan. The wounds, he said, led to a debilitating stutter that disappeared when he sang.

Well, a tale might be all we can call it.

As questions from military podcasters and other social media commentators surface in contradiction to Tim Poe’s claims, more and more fans and viewers of the show have changed their tune from initial praise to condemnation.

One fellow even claimed to have direct evidence to Poe’s lies, saying he admitted them on air in a podcast interview:


While NBC has yet to release an official comment, Howard Stern waits for no man. He answered a question about the story today on his Twitter:

I think we’d all like to see Howard Stern verbally have one out on this guy if the story proves to be false.