She may only be nineteen, party years still ahead of her, but Miley Cyrus doesn’t appear to be too interested in all that. The singer and actress has gotten engaged to her boyfriend of three years. She spoke on her Twitter about how ecstatic this life change made her:

Now, most dads would have quite a bit to say if their daughter ended up getting engaged to a guy she hasn’t even made it out of her teenage years with, but Billy Ray seemed pretty mellow about the topic.

Twitter’s been flooded with support for the “Hannah Montana” star, all the way from her fans and followers to some of her closer friends in the industry.

So…Miley Hemsworth: good thing or bad thing?

Time to place your bets, Twitchy readers. Does this marriage go the distance? Or will you be tossing your chips in the over 6 months, under 1 year slot?