Rihanna dropped a bit of a bombshell on her fans and followers today when she announced that she was leaving the country in a mere 48 hours.

Before you have a panic attack, or call for an ambulance because you felt your heart stop, read the next part:

See? Nothing to worry about, calm down.

The celeb’s news was so overwhelming ‘Moving to London in 2’ immediately shot into the worldwide trending topics. Everybody wanted more details about this move.

Tyler, the Creator, the fresh new thing on the hip-hop scene, tweeted Rihanna and offered his own idea for how she should spend a few of her remaining hours:

Sadly, it seems most people will not be able to cope with Rihanna’s new (and short-term) living arrangement:

The fine English folk across the pond are already welcoming Rihanna in their own special way:



Rihanna’s stay in London should make for an interesting couple of months!