Brian McKnight has been on an interesting path recently. The R&B crooner pushed out a song in April called “If You’re Ready to Learn,” which, was one positively filthy tune.

If you that was perhaps a coincidence, and he’d get back to his emotional diatribes in later efforts, well, you might have to wait a little longer. McKnight’s finished a new song, and it’s all for the popular adult site YouPorn.

What can explain this recent string of overly sexual tunes? A man that used to tearfully proclaim his love for various ladies song after song, but now there’s been an evolution of character, and he’s just looking to keep it dirty.

What’s next for McKnight? An anthem for porn stars? A sex tape? Wearing ladies’ underwear? He’s clearly doing some off-the-wall craziness, so we can’t expect his next move to be a normal one.