“Seinfeld” is still, and may always be, considered by many to be the epitome of what a sitcom is all about. The self-proclaimed ‘show where nothing happens,’ it can still be seen on television throughout afternoons and evenings, and it gets referenced by the general public on many an occasion.

Jerry Seinfeld took to his Twitter today to let everyone know why the show ended when it did.

As many sitcoms and other shows go deeper and deeper into their season count, most of them drop in quality, or ratings, or any other category that might jeopardize the show. However, Seinfeld and the rest of his crew went out at the very top, and clearly he’s quite proud of the achievement.

Fans and followers tweeted support to the comedian and expressed their love for the show that went a whole nine seasons.


Nevertheless, Jerry still has his doubters.


What are your thoughts? Did Jerry plan to go out on top, or did mysterious forces push “Seinfeld” from the current entertainment stratosphere?