Gifts in the form of racy or provocative photos are usually between two lovers, or two people in some sort of relationship. This isn’t always the case, but it’s very rare sexy pictures are used to gift to 2 million people.

Kim Kardashian was born to break those rules, baby.

When the current apple of Kanye West’s eye found out she had achieved 2 million followers on instagram, she decided to give them all something special. See below:

What an interesting present! We had been expecting 2 million tiny fruit baskets, but she really shocked us here.

Some fans and followers enjoyed their gift:

But while Kim might have thought nothing but gracous thank-you’s were in store, it seems followers had something different on their minds for the “just how DID she get so famous?” celebrity:

Some just aren’t as thankful as others when it comes mostly naked pictures being shared among 2 million people as a thank-you. Who knew?