There are plenty of scientific explanations for what constitutes a rat out there, but sometimes we need something a little more basic, less complex, and put in more simple terms so that we non-biology folks can pick up the clues and piece them together. Thankfully, Rihanna did some research today on this very thing, and came up with an astounding conclusion.

Pick your jaws back up from the floor and try to keep your hands at your sides.

Although the way things are meant to be said can sometimes be lost in text, we think it’s safe to assume Rihanna doesn’t care much for rats, whether it be the animals or the metaphor for certain types of people.

What’s the consensus of the fans? Are they now able to recognize a rat when they see one? Have the gray and muddy waters been cleared away thanks to Rihanna’s deposition?

Ok, seems like most of the confusion has been squared away.

Some Rihanna fans would even be willing to do anything, like murder the so-called rats, just for a little shout-out from the pop singer herself:

Others have more pressing concerns:

Whatever the case, this concludes our study on rats, with special guest, Rihanna. It’s been a legendary journey, and one can only hope she’ll give us insight into the entire animal kingdom at some point.