The 76ers aren’t exactly a team of a respected reputation and a roster full of nightmares for opponents. At least not since the Allen Iverson days, or the days in the 80’s, or…..well, other times that don’t include now.

The Sixers caught a break in the first round of the NBA playoffs, facing a #1 seeded Bulls team without last year’s MVP, Derrick Rose. Even without Rose, the Bulls were able to put up a fight, but the 76ers became the fifth team in history to be seeded at #8 and pull off the upset (although it will be tainted with plenty of asterisks in the future that refer to Rose’s injury in Game 1).

Nevertheless, the 76ers moved on, and now they’ve pushed the Celtics to the brink, battling them all the way to Game 7 in, as we currently report, this is a close game. Taking this series all the way, against legends (albeit, aged ones) such as Garnett, Allen, and Pierce, and the budding talent that is Rajon Rondo, that should give them some credibility, right? People can’t possibly consider the Boston Celtics a sure thing, can they?

If the hashtag #IfTheSixersWin is any indication, there’s not many who have changed their minds about the Philadelphia 76ers, and have labeled them as a credible threat.

Either these people are pretty eager to do or say some odd things, or they’re suggesting the Philly boys just don’t stand a chance. Which one could it be…

Comedian Michael Blackson appeared to have the most fun with this hashtag, creating some very interesting scenarios for if the Sixers indeed pull off the victory.

Should be a very interesting night for a lot of people if those darn 76ers actually win.