Just two DJ’s, beefing it up, beefing it up!

The feud between Deadmau5 and Pauly D has been escalating lately. Not long ago, Deadmau5 proclaiming that Pauly D didn’t really have any talent, and even suggested that no DJ was that particularly talented (yes, Deadmau5 is a DJ hismelf).

Pauly D has fired back this morning with an interesting photo tweet. We’ll let his tweet do all the talking.

Oh man, the classic clearance sale burn! What a sensational maneuver by the man with the blowout hairdo!

It’s a shame Neil Diamond had to get tossed into the fight though, poor guy. You can clearly see his Greatest Hits CD right next to Deadmau5. I don’t know what he did to piss Pauly D off, but that’s just a foul play in our opinion.

Here’s the quick verbal shakedown that proceeded this little picture:

Seems like things are getting nasty in both camps.