If you’re unfamiliar with Robert Pattinson, he’s that guy with the poofy hair and the pale skin in the Twilight movies. Yeah, the vampire one always toying with Bella’s emotions. If you’re unfamiliar with Finnick, then go to your local bookstore, pick yourself up a copy of “Catching Fire,” the second book of “The Hunger Games” trilogy, and enjoy. Then come back here to receive your briefing, soldier.

Why do an actor and a fictional character have Twitter so flustered? Rumor has it Mr. Pattinson is being considered for the role of Finnick in the upcoming Catching Fire, the second film adaption of the massively popular trilogy.

This would make for quite an impressive resume for Pattinson, who already appeared in the “Harry Potter” franchise along with all four (soon to be five) Twilight movies. One actor showing up in the three biggest young-adult sensations of our time would be monumental.

But is Pattinson the people’s choice?

#PattinsonnotFinnick quickly rose among the worldwide trending topics, with users from all over the world who weren’t exactly jazzed up to hear Pattinson might be playing their beloved character.



Not everyone seems to mind too much either way:


And while everyone discusses and shares their opinions about the up-and-comer, a few might have gotten a little extreme in their solution to the casting rumor:

Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that.