He’s witty, he’s grumpy, he’s also one heck of a genius, it’s Hugh Laurie’s Dr. House. The show that Laurie has ruled on for 8 years, House, finally came to an end last night in its eighth season, with what could best be described as an epic finale.

8 years of near-impossible cases, employee manipulation, wisecracks, dark secrets, and Vicodin. When a show like this goes out, everybody’s watching.

Actress Olivia Wilde warned her followers that it was going to be a tough episode to watch:

So what did viewers think? Did it live up to the hype, or was a sorry disappointment to a show that reigned on prime-time for almost a decade?



The House finale was so important, it even inspired rage due to potential spoilers:

So, readers, did you watch? Of course you did. Come on inside and share your thoughts by the fire.