What could Lady Gaga, almighty wearer of the meat suit, cigarette shades, and dresses suggesting of being designed for some sort of space travel, possibly think is weird? If you thought nothing could make Lady Gaga’s brows furrow, what she said on Twitter today must have had you reeling:

Weirder than carting around pounds of meat on your bare skin? She gave her followers a look at the merch, and let them decide for themselves.

Oh, well….it appears to be some sort of person, engulfed in a large sweatshirt-type material, that may or may not have Lady Gaga’s face on it, and there appears to be hair sprouting from its edges.

We have to wonder just what that sells for. Considering sometimes steep prices of concert merchandise ($60 for a shirt?), we can only assume a full-sized person trapped in a Lady Gaga sweatshirt that sprouts hair runs pretty steep. The product is probably limited, so get it while you can!