Chris Anderson is a man of many things. He’s a power forward for the Denver Nuggets, he looks like he may have possibly been a lesser villain in a Steven Segal movie, he has so many colorful tattoos his arms look like a bowl of fruit loops, he does an awkward celebration thing that has garnered him the nickname “Birdman,” but finally, Chris Anderson has completed his opus, and done something we’ll really remember him for:

He’s become the target of a child pornography investigation.

No arrests have been officially reported or confirmed, and the investigation is still ongoing, but there’s no way to suggest that this could be any sort of good news for the Denver big man.

Just what do the people on Twitter have to say about it? Surely they will be thoroughly discussing the case, the possibilities, and the implications, right? Maybe they’ll even solve the mystery!!/tumjovathegod/status/200992548012036096

Ok, well, before we all jump to conclusions, we think the evidence needs to be gone through in thorough fashion. Let’s take a look at what we have so far:

Decide this one for yourselves, readers.