Everybody wants to smell like Nicki Minaj. It isn’t just her dancers clambering to get sprayed by this apparently magical gift from a goddess, no, everybody wants a piece, and they’re ready to beg for it.

Must smell pretty great, huh? Tell us Miss Minaj, and tell your Minajimons (is that what they’re called?), just what does this perfume smell like? We’re going crazy over here, we want the details!

Now we really can’t wait. Twitchy demands samples now, Nicki. We’re hopelessly pleading to be ravaged by the smells of your perfume. Spray us, or we’ll do something crazy!

Even grown men are resorting to madness. Clearly Nicki Minaj’s very voice drives this father into a fit of reckless rage, all because he hasn’t been able to get his hands on this perfume yet. Will we be able to fight through the anticipation, or will it drive us mad? Stay tuned to find out!