50 Cent has died more times in real life than Leonardo DiCaprio has died in movies, but the rumors just won’t quit. Once again, we are faced with a completely random news website, this time from the generally unheard of Global Associated News, talking about some cryptic car crash where 50 Cent suffers “severe head trauma.”

Come on, really? Are we really going to believe the 100th death rumor about 50 Cent that isn’t being reported by any large and reputable news venues?




Don’t lose your faith in humanity yet, readers, some shiny beacons of common sense have shone through the darkness, offering a ray of hope for those in doubt:


We don’t know about a man running around with a gun (to be fair, that’s probably happening somewhere), but it’s pretty safe to say that for now, 50 Cent is just fine.

Besides, we all know a man shot simultaneously nine times, taking some of those bullets straight to the face, isn’t going to be taken down by some puny car crash. Move along friends, nothing to see here.