Oh, you didn’t know? No worries! Rihanna is here to tell you! Our favorite Barbadian pop starlet has christened 2012, announcing our current year is now National Masturbation Year.

If you’ve ever found yourself hanging out on the couch, wondering just what does that 24-year old singer do in her free time, and the thoughts of self-pleasure never occurred as a suggestion, well, she’s here to practically verify it. Apparently Robyn Fenty prefers to shut up and drive….solo.

As expected, fans were there to offer their own deep and well-versed insights onto this new revelation of a singer who also has stood strongly in support of whips and chains (they excite her):


One investigation by a fan has even led to a breakthrough case, offering a new possibility of just why Rihanna seems to keep her hands so close to her legs in performances and videos:

It’s safe to assume that if Rihanna is announcing 365 days worth of “masturbation celebration,” then this young lass is craving a bit of the sexy time. But just how much is too much? We don’t know what kind of change Rihanna’s National Year of Masturbation will bring to the good ole’ USA, but we’ll leave you with a simple question…..

Just what’s going on with Rihanna?