A voluntary trip to Anger Management classes? A celebrity?

That’s just downright absurd!

Nevertheless, it seems to be the case with R&B singer slash author (really, I’m not kidding) slash rapper slash actor slash man of the mighty “Grustle” (whatever that means), Tyrese Gibson. The Transformers star is looking to get in control of his emotions, and he’s speaking in quite a motivational light these days.




It’s hard to pinpoint what Tyrese could be so mad about, whether it’s the fact that he’s only in two of the biggest franchises in modern cinema (Fast & the Furious Transformers), or if it’s that his new album only debuted at number nine on the Billboard charts.

Whatever the case, fans have stood behind him and support this new life direction the actor is willingly planning to take, as opposed to all those in his line of work who were forced to attend these sessions.




We just can’t help ourselves, we love us some Tyrese Gibson. Even moms can’t resist.