Whether or not you’re one of her animals, you’re probably aware of Ke$ha, and her illustrious antics.

However, it was someone else’s antics last night on twitter that got the animals and the pop star all riled up, when someone hacked Ke$ha’s account and spit some venom at her followers.

The tweets were quickly deleted, but having confused and angered some of her followers, Ke$ha took to the act of an earnest apology and let everyone know what was really going down.

Can her fans forgive and forget?


Holding a grudge, are we?


Aw, now there’s a good animal.

Ke$ha is not unfamiliar to the act of twitter hacking, as just two months ago someone took to her twitter and released information about a single that was never set to come out. She’s getting tired of it, and letting the people know it’s got to come to an end or else.

The animals responded,  and gave plenty of leads for Team Ke$ha to follow up on.


Whoever it was, they better hope the animals don’t find them.

Just what punishment is in store for this despicable act? A drowning in an ocean of glitter? Perhaps a full body soak, courtesy of Jack Daniels? Should this hacker get caught, and the animals have their chance to deal with him or her, I doubt they’ll wake up the next morning feeling like Mick Jagger.