One infamous Occupy Wall Street protester was in for a surprise today when he received an early holiday present from Citizens United, the producers of ‘Occupy Unmasked’ – a movie that is highly critical of the Occupy movement.

A gift-bag-o- thank-you-swag meant for cast member and the movie’s narrator, Lee Stranahan, was accidentally sent to Occupy protester Malcolm Harris.  Stranahan had requested that a DVD of the movie be sent to Harris; hence, the amusing and rather ironic mix-up.

Malcolm Harris is well known in the Occupy movement, most notably for his recent legal battle to protect his tweets from being subpoenaed by New York prosecutors.

Harris was featured for a few minutes in “Occupy Unmasked” for his origination of the infamous Radiohead hoax.  In an effort to try and boost attendance at Occupy Wall Street’s protests in 2011, Harris had tweeted that the band would be performing a free concert in Zuccotti Park.  Radiohead later denied any such arrangement.  Gnashing of teeth ensued.

Based on his tweet, it appears Harris is taking the error in stride. We hear Stranahan is too.