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CNN's Suzanne Malveaux ready to throw her panties on stage at Correspondents’ Dinner; Update: Her walk of shame home still in progress

Who can eat? Because, ZOMG Obama! And after parties!!/SuzanneMalveaux/status/196440584167243776

With super cool celebrities and such!!/SuzanneMalveaux/status/196444699609931776!/SuzanneMalveaux/status/196447936299810816


Suzanne’s heart-doodled diary will be busy today!

Pressing issue of the day for an oh-so-esteemed journalist; look at our super cute shoes! Oh, do you think Obama will notice? Notice me, The One! Notice ME.!/SuzanneMalveaux/status/196445545236152320

She upped her chances of being noticed by Mr. ‘slow jam’ President by having his director of broadcast media as her guest. That’s totally not conflict of interest-y or anything.!/SuzanneMalveaux/status/196451134427242497

She won’t leave.!/SuzanneMalveaux/status/196530449714118656

And the most important day ever? The day of nerd prom. Because, Barack Obama.!/SuzanneMalveaux/status/196531930597044225

How do people without birthdays that fall on the same day as the White House Correspondents’ Dinner carry on? We will somehow have to muddle through. Somehow.

A night in the life of a simpering teen journalist.



Suzanne Malveaux’s walk of shame home continues. She’s not done squealing and desperately trying to score.!/SuzanneMalveaux/status/196630354164072449!/SuzanneMalveaux/status/196631092252516353

Sheesh, Suzanne. Try a cold shower.!/SuzanneMalveaux/status/196633602224685056!/SuzanneMalveaux/status/196634659461931009

Stop rubbing it in to those of us who aren’t lucky enough to share a birthday with the swoon-filled nerd prom!!/SuzanneMalveaux/status/196635400209580032

And we called it. Suzanne was in charge of booty dances this year.

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