The account is about Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald, who did not have a very good night on Thursday. Here is the thread, offered up by freelance journalist Sebastian Jones; Judge for yourself.

So, that report is … wow. And from the Eichenwald debacle last night, one thing is clear. Read Eichenwald? Proceed with a TON of caution.

Here you go, in case you missed it:

Kurt Eichenwald frantically deletes post-Tucker Carlson interview meltdown tweets; We’ve got them!; UPDATE: He’s still going (crazy); UPDATE: Claims seizure

Best part of the Tucker Carlson, Kurt Eichenwald nutty interview? This Tucker Carlson face

DUD: Kurt Eichenwald’s secret scoop accusing Trump of amphetamine use? Backfired. Horribly

Plus, keep all of this in mind while you are being lectured by Facebook, Democrats, et. al. about “Fake News.” A) Methinks they doth project too much and B) They seek to silence any dissent. Yet praise Eichenwald. Now THAT is crazy.