As we reported Wednesday night, Politico reporter Julia Ioffe tweeted a vulgar and vile incest “joke” about President-elect Trump and Ivanka Trump. The backlash was fast and furious. Politico released a statement and fired Ioffe. Of course, that didn’t mean much; Ioffe was leaving for The Atlantic shortly anyway. The Atlantic is still welcoming her with open arms, natch. As were other journos, including the always-erroneous, flame-fanning Chris Hayes of MSNBC.

No. I must respectfully disagree with Ms. Powers. And here’s why: It wasn’t just that it was an obscene incest “joke.” The outrage is because, firstly, she basically waved a huge orange flag, shouting “look at me! I am totally unqualified to be an objective journalist. My anti-Trump bias is so strong that I cannot control myself. At all.” Second, it was yet another hateful anti-woman act by the Left.

Yes, the above tweets are snarky. But the point remains the same: Julia Ioffe’s tweet was yet another example of an anti-woman ploy by the Left. Ivanka Trump is a smart, strong and attractive woman and that does not suit. Women like that are super scary to the Left. What to do? Fall back on the tired and lame “joke” sneers. Those are mostly offensive because they are usually awful. I mean, at least be funny, for cripes sake! Or, one can double down with a “joke” that sexualizes a woman as a way to diminish and dehumanize her. The Left has done this countless times before. Need some examples? Here are just a few times the Left salivated over sexualizing and dehumanizing women they deemed unacceptable (e.g. conservative or related to someone icky like the hysteria-inducing Donald Trump); These happened when the film featuring conservative women, “Fire in the Heartland,” was released:

First came Wonkette, with an ‘article’ entitled “New Twilight Mashup Features Michele Bachmann and Other Crazy Ladies.” See, they combined both ploys: attempts at funny that are anything but, plus demeaning sexualization with lines like “conservative ladies only want to gossip about how Barack Obama keeps shoving things into their mouth-holes. Ergo: This video is not suitable for work.”

Kudos, fellas! Next came the “feminist” site Jezebel who proved once again, with their screed against Fire From The Heartland, that lefty feminists are actually anti-woman and represent nothing but an agenda. First, there is more of the ridiculous somehow discerning oral sex from any phrase that involves the use of the word throat: “In the trailer, set to apocalyptic music, there’s talk about the New York people ramming their candidate down our throats, and policies being pushed down our throats. Ladies, we know all about that stuff, amirite?”

They also claimed that the word “awakening” in the title has sexual overtones. Well, I suppose that in their defense, as leftists they aren’t allowed to have any other kind of awakening. Awakening of thought? Egads! That’s not possible. All women must think the same and walk in lock-step. Otherwise, gender traitors and shills for men, who are evil, natch. Unless, of course, they are part of Big Daddy government.

That’s right. Big Daddy government: Good. Working for and supporting your own daddy? There must be something obscene and nefarious going on. If that isn’t misogynistic and anti-woman, then I don’t know WHAT is. Gawker (good riddance!) outright called the film “porn.” Standard operating procedure: Reducing women to the sum of their girly bits.

Enter Ivanka Trump: How dare she consider doing anything at all. How dare her father respect her MIND. She shouldn’t even speak, unless it’s about her uterus and the nebulous “reproductive rights” and such. The Left seeks to turn Ivanka Trump into a caricature by both sexualizing her on one hand and then sneering in contempt at her embracing of motherhood on the other.

That was tweeted by another Politico political reporter, for the Daily Beast. Curious, that (not really. The bias is strong with that one). The foul sexualizing of Ivanka Trump is hitting a new low for the Left, as they are sexualizing her in such a twisted and sick way. Can they sink any lower? I don’t know if it’s possible, but I am almost certain they will sadly continue to try. Should the Right push back as hard as the Left does?

But it’s cool. Keep sneering, Left. We don’t need y’all anyhow. We got this.