UPDATE: The crazy tweets are continuing. See end of post for screenshots before Eichenwald deletes again.

As Twitchy readers know, Tucker Carlson mopped the floor with alleged journo Kurt Eichenwald of Newsweek. And Eichenwald was, well, judge for yourself …

Yikes. What happened next? Eichenwald went into full-on meltdown mode. Cuckoo pants, straight up.

What kind of meltdown? Oh, just this:

Forty. Six. Keith Olbermann totally loved it, natch.

Whatever, Keith Olbermann. Speaking of substance abuse, I’m pretty worried about you. Are you a meths drinker? Hitting it old school? Eichenwald is bravely running away.

Hmm. Wonder why?

Oh yes. Twitter and Twitchy are forever and we have Eichenwald’s conspiracy-theory and nasty accusation of drug use by Donald Trump.

Wow. Are you seriously going there? Where is your proof? I hope you have someone on retainer, because that is damn defamatory.

Some of his meltdown tweets remain. For now. Take a look:

Oh my. But the nuttiest ones (of the FORTY. SIX) have been deleted. Is this why?

Heh. The mockery was delicious.

Of course, that’s not new for Eichenwald.

Also old and not new? Apparently Eichenwald’s Twitter bio photo:


Thanks, Kurt! You are sure helping the Media Regaining Trust cause.

Awesome. But seriously: Someone really does need to go do a wellness check on him.

They sure have. And we are supposed to trust them as arbiters of what is “fake news” and what isn’t? HA! They can’t even focus on simply remaining in reality.

UPDATE: Eichenwald is once again melting down.

Where is that pesky binder?

Maybe he’ll find the written-down “note” in there tomorrow!



Stay tuned. Why is his wife tweeting if that is true. My Lord. In any case, this:


UPDATE: Continued today, post-seizure:

Here are screenshots of the rest, as he will probably delete them too:



Will it ever end? Stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s more:

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