As Twitchy readers know, the viral story, covered endlessly, that drunk men on a subway yelling “Donald Trump” attacked a Muslim woman and attempted to remove her hijab has turned out to be a hoax. Yet another media fake news frenzy:

What? It’s almost as if the media frantically runs with stories without investigating them one bit! Why don’t we just trust whatever they say, even if they just make stuff up as they go along? Sheesh.

What happened after it was proven a hoax? Let’s just use Buzzfeed as an example:

Because of course they didn’t. But surely Buzzfeed reported that it was a hoax, after all its breathless coverage of the false story to begin with?



Same rules apply, right? That brings us to Buzzfeed’s “report” covering the fact that the anti-Muslim crime story was a hoax, which Brit Hume called out with this retweet:


Hume truth boom. Here’s the original tweet from The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack:

OUCH. Well, at least Buzzfeed is consistent. Consistently awful.