Well, the insight into just how terrible Hillary Clinton’s campaign was keep coming. As Twitchy readers know, Politico reported that the always-erroneous and mock-worthy Donna Brazile diverted “millions” from Hillary Clinton’s campaign for … New Orleans and Chicago. Because, popular vote. Evidently they were certain Hillary would win the electoral college, but were scared that Trump could win the popular vote. Oh, my aching sides! And then came this:


Oh well, then. Case closed! Plus, apparently the cash money was needed for … New Orleans and Chicago.

Come on, it wasn’t their fault, guys.

Giggling madly! But that wasn’t the worst part.

If that doesn’t call for an “OMG,” then nothing does.

Yep. That’s what unwarranted hubris does for ya! And, you know, utter incompetence.

And for the win:

Heck of a job, Hilly! Whew! Did we escape a close call. Her incompetence in absolutely everything is staggering.