So, about that “fake news” problem …

Oh yes, that makes total sens… wait. What?

Good questions!

Also an excellent question. It seems like the WaPo writer took the “shrugged” part of “Atlas Shrugged” literally. I can picture him muttering, whatever guys, I had to write something! And making stuff up is WaPo’s jam.

Forget “The Fountainhead”; Twitter users called out The Dunderhead at The Washington Post for upping the ante with this fakey-iest fake news and it was beautiful. Donald Trump said once that he had read and enjoyed “The Fountainhead”? Stop the presses! Cabinet conspiracy alert!

But … but … WaPo said so!

Precisely. That’s why the media is STILL not getting it. Just how off-the-rails was the WaPo article?

Here is a snippet, but you really should read the whole thing. It’s terrific:

Did you know that the incoming Trump administration is an Objectivist conspiracy intended to install a cabal of Ayn Rand “acolytes” at the highest levels of the United States government?

Neither did I, and I actually am an Objectivist. So you can imagine my excitement at reading a somewhat hysterical warning from the Washington Post‘s James Hohmann that “Ayn Rand acolyte Donald Trump stacks his cabinet with fellow Objectivists.” How come nobody told me we were taking over?

Alas, the substance of the report is way more mundane. Trump has said in one interview—and nowhere else, to my knowledge—that he is a fan of Rand’s novel The Fountainhead. All of the other reports about “fellow Objectivists” are similar: they’re stories about Trump nominees at some point in the past reading, praising, and recommending Rand’s novels.


Fake news, thy name is Washington Post.

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