For the media, “factually dubious and unnecessarily hostile” is standard operating procedure when it comes to President-elect Donald Trump. Need more proof? Take a look at the absolutely ludicrous spin about Kanye West’s visit to Trump Towers and Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

Um. What? She must be talking about President “Slow Jam” Obama.

Oh, for goodness sake! And it seems other Democrat activists posing as journalists got the memo, including Luke Russert.

Seriously? Sadly (or hilariously), Russert wasn’t done exposing himself:

Oh, cupcake. Please do look in the absurd mirror.

Wow. Was that a joke?

Of course that whiner thinks so. Here’s another “journalist” who is reading from the same spin playbook.

Good grief. Citizens called them out and rightly so.

Yep. Methinks YOU are the ones yelling SQUIRREL, media.



Bam! President-elect Trump bypasses the media via his Twitter account and, boy, are they ticked! This was also yet another attempt to push the media’s “ZOMG FAKE NEWS GUYS” narrative. What is the real reason for the “Fake News” frenzy? To silence YOU. Well, pals, it won’t work.

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If Trump meeting with Kanye is so scandalous, what do you call THIS?

Peak 2016 reached? Kanye West just entered Trump Tower

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