So, this happened at President-elect Trump’s “Thank You Tour” rally in Michigan tonight.

Dying! That was pitch perfect, Mr. Trump. And should have anti-Trump tantrum babies crawling for their safe spaces. Let’s go to the video tape:

People can’t stop laughing at the masterful snark-scold:

Maybe she can join George Takei, who is desperately trying to win the most embarrassing and pathetically long-lasting Trump tantrum on Twitter. If his Twitter feed doesn’t call for a SAD! then nothing does.

Yes, as are we all. Luckily, the Stompy Foot Special Snowflakes make it soooo easy to point and snicker heartily.

Boy, there sure is lots of snow early this year! And all the snowflakes are melting all over the place.

Man, there really should be! I’d use it constantly (looking at you, Tucker Carlson — Swoony Swoon!)

Natch! I’ll assume you include mainstream media in with “Democrats.” They will almost certainly run to their fainting couches whilst desperately clutching their pearls over this one. Also get ready for cries of sexism over the use of “darling” … and here we go: