I believe, yes, it is more sinister. You see, the media has pulled almost the same nonsense before and for the same reason:

Ding, ding, ding!

Yes, it is. It’s once again a way for the mainstream media to be Democrat agenda-pushers, rather than journalists.

Precisely. And that is not just enraging; It’s downright chilling. And media malpractice, as it was during the “climate of hate” and “new tone” pearl-clutching. Remember that? That “new tone” nonsense that we were all lectured about embracing for some unfathomable and delusional reason. We were to reach across the aisle, only to be shivved in the back. Well, this was the reason then too: Because, Democrats lost. Bigly. And the media, Democrat activists with bylines, could not and would not have that! How on earth could they possibly be bested by those hateful rhetoric-espousing extremist rubes! Something had to change. Enter, “new tone” diatribes, all while they literally accused Sarah Palin of inciting murder. They will make things up out of whole cloth as retribution or as a way to gain an end. The end justifies the means and all!

Yep. Here is a flashback of what media/Left pulled back then(Yes, I’m just block-quoting one of my own pieces from back then. Because, lazy: I’m exhausted by all the Schadenfreude these past few weeks! Plus, it remains true):

Of course, this new tone doesn’t apply if one is speaking about Sarah Palin, who is apparently the cause of All Bad Things Ever, in perpetuity. Even here, we are on day three of no school due to snow. In South Carolina. Does Palin’s evil reach have no bounds?!

The Left and the media, as always concentric circles on a Venn diagram, attempted for days to spin a false and odious narrative placing blame for the shooting in Tucson on Sarah Palin and everyone like her. Because, vitriol. Or something. Days of vile political opportunism, on the backs of the dead. Days of disgusting smears the likes of which I’ve never seen before in my lifetime. Days of giddily and gleefully exploiting deaths, including those of a federal judge and a nine year old child, all in an attempt to score political points and to silence and demonize those with whom they disagree.

That the facts did not support such claims even one iota meant nothing. In fact, they absolutely ignored all evidence and truths and proceeded to just make stuff up. All focused on Sarah Palin, who miraculously manages to be a dumb old chick from the sticks and the most evil person alive. She’s kind of like George W. Bush that way, I suppose. Chris Matthews went so far as to put a graphic up during his show last night with Sarah Palin’s picture, reading underneath “Silent: On The Lam.” On. The. Lam. As if some fugitive, implying that she, along with the tea party, is somehow responsible for a massacre perpetrated by a madman.

This “fake news” business is the same deal. And now? “Fake news” isn’t a thing when it comes from mainstream media itself or the Left, natch. Just like the “new tone” nonsense: The Right need not apply. They, of course, could still be viciously attacked and maliciously smeared with nary a true fact in sight. This was, and again is, all because Democrats lost. But, guess what? We dumb old hillbilly deplorables and bitter clingers no longer cave. Feckless? No more. Spineless? No more. We refuse to roll over any time there is an attempt to lecture and shame us. Because, now more Americans than ever know this:

Happy warriors, we cannot let them repeat the same lie often enough so that it becomes the truth. LIES have an agenda. What doesn’t? The truth. The time to push back is NOW. And continuously, until the false narrative attempt is crushed.


P.S. Need more proof many journos are Democrat activists with bylines? Here you go:

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