As our readers know, actor former “Star Trek” actor George Takei has taken melting down over President-elect Donald Trump to epic levels.

Someone please pop in and make sure he’s OK! What if he doesn’t have a safety pin to wear for protection? Good grief. He must be shooting for the most embarrassing Twitter feed ever. Here are a few more recent examples of his “hot” takes (and by “hot,” we mean “petulant”):

Taking a page from GLAAD’s book? Lose that pitiful and erroneious talking point, buddy.

Ooops! But, wait. There’s more.

Obviously, because you have straight up hate-tunnel vision. Takei’s current feed is almost all Trump whines or wilfully ignorant NRA snit fits. Nearly every single one of his tweets has “Trump” in it with some sort of stompy foot wail.

Hey, why don’t you give the mock-tastic drama queen Dan Pfeiffer a call about THAT one? And then there’s this:

Oh, the irony!


Oh, cupcake. Take your own advice!

Seriously. SAD! (Just to rub it in a bit more, Mr. Takei. Because I need more of your delicious tears for a lib-tear koi pond I’m creating.) Citizens have pretty much had it with Takei’s bitter, puerile petulance.



Indeed. A quick question for Mr. Takei:

Sore losers just can’t handle the truth. Plus, what does Takei know about everyday Americans anyway?

Winner winner, chicken dinner. And some exit advice, since apparently social media is hard for Mr. Takei: