The media is killing itself in its haste to frantically try to kneecap President-elect Trump in any way possible. Pathetically, the strategy seems to be epic and mock-tastick meltdowns, stompy foot tantrums and breathless snit fits. Over everything at all or nothing at all. The end is coming even faster for media now; These 15 words say it all:

Nailing? Achieved. Boy, the media NEVER learn, do they?


Heck of a job, newsies! To use what is becoming a cliche, “This is why Trump won.”

No one believes the press anymore. No one really even cares what they have to say.

Heh. Yes, we are supposed to only listen to our Smarter Betters. The thing is, the experts and their “think pieces”? Those pieces are usually sorely lacking in any real, independent, original Thinkies. It’s all just regurgitation of the same narratives. Hint: Those narratives no longer work. And President-elect Trump is continuing to prove that by a) going around the media by tweeting himself and b) causing the media to get their knickers in a twist every time he posts said tweets. Every. Single. Time. It’s old, guys. And embarrassing.

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