Another day, another round of misogyny from the anti-women Left. As a reminder, Kellyanne Conway celebrated her historic win at a fun costume party this weekend. The Left? They focused on her body with hateful and hate-filled attacks. They dehumanized her and spewed sexual slurs. You see, if you are a woman who is not a Democrat, you are not a “real” woman. Have independent thoughts not in lockstep with the Left? Heaven forfend! You are then either a “man in a skirt” or a tramp, because no woman could possibly be a success otherwise. THAT is how little they think of women.

There is no sisterhood on the Left. There are only the Stepford Feminists and if you don’t fall into line, you are attacked. Viciously.

Enter Politico’s (partnered with Google and the Tory Burch Foundation) event series Women Rule, which seems to have actually attempted to laud Kellyanne Conway.

Well, the Stepford Feminists were having none of it, as Twitchy reported.

Failed our gender, ladies! By … being a huge success. And winning a historic campaign. Wow, what a woman-failure. Not empowering at all! Look at what a “gender traitor” Ms. Conway is:

Bam. Strength, brains and beauty. They can, and do, come in one package, Stepford Feminists.
And here comes the sexualizing of Ms. Conway:

Reprehensible. What the hell is wrong with you for that to be your first thought? Brainwashed, much? Also, being feminine is not a bad thing; it is an attribute. Why do you hate your gender so much, Stepford Feminists?

Ms. Conway also mentioned this:

Amen. But until the Left stops hating and demeaning women, that won’t happen. You see, diminishing and demeaning women by requiring them to all think alike is true sexism. And if you want to spot misogyny, you need only look to the Left.

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