What’s outstanding? Well, President-elect Trump reportedly (although confirmation is conflicting) tapped Scott Pruitt to head the EPA.

And, boy, does that have Democrats in a tizzy. You have to take a gander at the over-the-top reaction of CNN hack and former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer:

“Existential threat to the planet.” Cannot stop giggling. The histrionics just keep getting bigger and more amusing.

Dude. Someone better do a welfare check on him. In the meantime, how in the heck can you mock someone who is beyond parody? Citizens to the rescue!

Those mock-tastic replies have brought tears to my eyes. Sniffle. Could anything make the Schadenfreude better?

Heh. Psst, Mr. Pfeiffer: Your reaction has badly backfired:

Yeppers. Thanks for the help, Dan! And please, take this exit advice. For US: