Kid Rock caused a buzz last month when he was allegedly snapped wearing this Democrat-bashing, election-themed t-shirt.


The photo was reportedly fake, but now? Due to “overwhelming demand,” Kid Rock is making and selling them!

Capitalism. It rocks. Of course, some are upset with the singer:

Awww. Suck it up, buttercup.

Of course!

Seriously? That’s some “fake news” right there. The Left does almost nothing but insult. Nay, worse than insult. They smear and attack viciously.

Yep. Try to swallow the bitter for once and end the petulance. It makes life easier! Yahoo! has more about the new apparel line:

The collection is rounded out by a red baseball cap emblazoned with “Make America Badass Again” — a modified version of Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” — the only product that won’t be available in time for holiday gifting (this one will be shipped by Dec. 30, according to the star’s website).

We’ll leave you with an exit t-shirt (there is another one that is Rated R that you can see in the store):


Oh dear, Democrats. That one has to smart! Giggling madly.