So, media whining about “fake news” continues. CNN is one of the worst offenders, with pitiful and incessant faux-concern like this:


Yep. Which is why many love it when President-elect Trump fights back against media lies. Well, Laura Ingraham has also had it and stomped mainstream media and its constant “fake news” whines with this one devastating, yet simple, question:

Truth-Boom. Period. Other Twitter users made similar points, like this one:

Those lies, repeated countless times by President Obama and his Palace Guard media, were devastating to American citizens. But, hey, instead let’s have knee-jerk, stompy foot media and “experts” go ballistic because “Trump did it so ZOMG OUTRAGEOUS FAIL, HE’S SO STUPID, GUYS!”

Nonsense is apparently far more important than something that affects people’s lives and livelihoods.

And what about these lies?

‘Wow!’ This Obama lie flashback is astounding [pic]

Just kidding, guys! You see, that was before he got his super duper handy “I am the King” pen. So, keep digging media. It’s working so well for you.

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