STILL don’t quite understand why Donald Trump won and Hillary Clinton lost? This one graphic simply explains election 2016:

That says it all. And what is says about Hillary Clinton ain’t pretty. As we have said many times, Hillary Clinton fully believed she’d have a coronation. The election? ALL about HER. It wasn’t about America and we, the people. It was solely about Hillary Clinton’s own personal ambition, to which she firmly believed she was entitled. No need to even try to relate at all to those pesky “unwashed masses” and baskets of deplorables. It was her due, you see, and she thought the fawning sycophants in the media would make sure it was in the bag for her. She believed she didn’t even need to bother campaigning in some states; why should she? She was about to be crowned queen; HRM (Her Royal Majesty) instead of HRC.

Donald Trump? He did the opposite. Part of his appeal was, and is, that everyday Americans believe he not only listens to them, but HEARS them. Further, struggling Americans believe he has their backs. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who only cares about the “right kind” of people. And even that is a stretch. She probably doesn’t even care about them, except to the extent that they could possibly help further any of her personal agendas or line her coffers.

Donald Trump? A “thank you” tour for those who voted for him. He is continuing to reach out, making people believe that he really will be working for THEM. The contrast is staggering.

Bingo. Yet, the media still doesn’t get it. And will continue to be willfully obtuse over things like the “thank you” tour. Lapdog media will also continue to fret and whine and wring their hands over President-elect Trump’s tweets, which are another way Trump reached out pre-election. I hope he never stops. He is changing the political landscape and the game, which is what people want. They do not want “politics as usual” anymore. They don’t care about things like “Oh dear me, THAT is just not done!” pearl-clutching over non-traditional strategies and political moves. Further, Trump can continue to push back against false media narratives and outright lies in real time with his tweets. His way with his own modern day bully pulpit, which has the added bonus of driving the Left even nuttier than they already are. Oh, the tears! I’m building a koi pond out of all the delightful lib tears.

There is one more thing to point out about Hillary Clinton’s oh-so-fab party for millionaire donors:

We won’t hold our breath for media to hop on THAT “combat big money in politics” fake news.

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