So, that “news” broke over the weekend and it was evidently so important that the media had to have a breathless reporting frenzy about it.

Um. Dear Media: FAKE NEWS ALERT! Good grief. If every rando on Twitter, transgender “activist” or not, is giddily turned into viral news, it’s gonna be a very long four years.

Or eight years. Because media actions like that are truly paving the way for Trump’s second term already.

Snort. But surely there must have been some news-worthy, Very Important Thoughts in the rando’s rant?


But she was Super Serious, You Guys (as Ace of Spades would say) and, thus, deserves a viral participation ribbon, right media? Plus, “resistance” or something. Remember, dissent is once again patriotic. Outside of the media bubble, however?

Precisely. Give it a rest, you gigantic petulant babies.