Thursday night, President-elect Donald Trump held his first “thank you” rally. And, boy, was the press a hot mess. Check out Ben White, Politico correspondent and CNBC contributor.

Oh, is it?

Awkward! Then, during his speech at the rally, Donald Trump rammed the press.

Oh no, special snowflakes! Can you create an itty bitty safe space at future rallies where you can share feelings and scrawl in your tear-stained diaries? Journos didn’t like Trump’s truth-talk, but regular Americans and Trump voters? We could not love it more that he is still holding rallies and totally trolling the media.

It’s a new game, dishonest dinosaurs. President-elect Trump does not need you to get his messages across (and you wouldn’t do it fairly anyway, natch) and he damn well knows it. So do we.

Personally, maniacal giggling is my new normal. It’s gloat-tastic. Another journo whined:

Hey, remember Obama and “I won”? We’re just playing by your rules, Dems. The most special snowflake of them all? Check out Chris Cizzilla of the Washington Post:

Oh, cupcake. That’s precious.

Hey, stop making sense! That can be triggering, man. Why are you so hateful with your pesky logic and stuff?

They truly are. The subsequent snowflake schooling (oh how I love thee, alliteration) was delicious and magnificent.

Curious, isn’t it?



Precisely! See, the same media who were too wilfully obtuse to understand Donald Trump’s campaign, and who sneered at his supporters still don’t get it. Even after this reminder:

TRUMP 2020? 8 reasons Buzzfeed’s Chip and Joanna Gaines hit piece will cause more Dem losses

Will it start to sink in?

Not all. Some of us knew and tried to explain it. Alas, bubbles are hard to break out of, evidently.

Yep. But maybe mainstream media will finally learn the lesson. The hard way:

God bless America.