So, losing presidential candidate Evan McMullin just won’t stop. He’s STILL calling Republican voters raaaaaacist. Take a look:

Care to cite any facts? Other than “I’m a petulant sore loser”? He blathered on a bit more, then added this:

Really. Guess again, dude:

B.S. Much like what McMullin said next:

Holy. Cow. Is he a Leftist? Sure as hell sounds like one! Down to the “normalization” talking point. Sweetie, it doesn’t work anymore. People are onto you. NO ONE believes the constant cries of racism from boys like you who cry wolf. It is partly BECAUSE of the ludicrous claims and attacks like yours on good people that Donald Trump won.

Indeed. But is there a difference anymore between Leftists and ego-injured people like McMullin after Trump’s win?

Spot-on. And said brilliantly!