Well, that in itself isn’t really news. But this Twitter user attended a Kanye West show last night and, boy, did Kanye have A LOT to say, including this:

Wow! It took quite a spell to get to that, however. His full-on rant is a must-read. and here we go:

Whoa. But then there was this:

Oh dear.

Kanye continued:

But then …

Good for him!

OK, he had to throw the “racist” stuff in there. That’s predictable, really.

Not if it isn’t in lockstep with Democrats, Kanye!

The music didn’t last long this time:

Which brings us back to this:

Shocker! Kanye West on Team Trump? But had to keep it a secret?


That’s terrible. That is ALL you, Democrats. Horrible.


Well done, sir!