Bridget Phetasy, Playboy columnist and comedian (and self-described “shill for the Patriarchy” — I think I’m in love!), shared the best Trump election conversation ever and people cannot get enough of it.

Aching. Sides!

But, oh, the racism involved in that woman’s assumption. Phetasy pointed that out as well.

Bingo. White people, am I right?

Yep. And as we have been yelling from the rooftops all along, the Democrats are the ones who are racist. It is a sickening example of “all you people must think alike.” Reprehensible. Democrats are also the ones who screech about “diversity” and “inclusiveness,” but don’t allow it themselves. A similar situation just happened to my mom (insert “your mom” joke here) in New Jersey, natch:

Tolerance for me, but not for thee! Business as usual for Democrats. But, hey, keep it coming. It is doing wonders! President-elect Trump thanks you and so do we! *Maniacally giggling*