Media has been breathlessly reporting the story that President-elect Trump was seeking to gain “top secret security clearance” for his children. The information was given by “sources,” natch:

Oh really? Better check those “sources,” guys.

And just hours ago, President-elect Trump confirmed that himself.

Wait, what? The media is devising and perpetuating false narratives? That’s cuckoo talk! Except of course it isn’t. As we all know thanks to WikiLeaks, the media is no longer just biased. They were literally in the bag for Hillary Clinton and in collusion with her team.
President-elect Trump continued to call out The New York Times as well.


Keep trying, New York Times! You are already totally irrelevant. Keep it up and you will totally go under. Journalists are, of course, now freaking out about THOSE tweets.

Sigh. Let’s spend ALL DAY on a misspelling of “received.” THAT is the most pressing issue. Way to deflect, guys.

That’s Politico, ladies and gentlemen.

Good grief. Media and Democrats (same thing) STILL don’t get it. Trump is baiting YOU. By telling it like it is about the media. Everyday Americans? They get it. One of the reasons Donald Trump won is because people are fed up with media and its false narratives and agenda-pushing. They don’t clutch their pearls when Trump takes to Twitter to call it out. They either a) agree or b) are too busy working to spend every waking moment on Twitter like the people who sneer at them in contempt do. Hint: Get out and mingle in the real world for a while, journos.