UPDATE: Video! Oh, boy. Can you stomach it?

People could not wait to watch “The View” this morning. And, boy, was it even more delicious than we thought it would be!

Heh. The Schadenfreude is strong with this one.

Whoops! Smart take, Joy. Snicker.

Boy, are Whoopi Goldberg and some of the other ladies of The View super ticked about Donald Trump’s win over Queen Hillary Clinton. And it’s delicious. Viewers can’t get enough.

Yep. Take a look:

Good grief.

Ha! Wait … is humor allowed again now? Or will everything and anything still be turned into OUTRAGE? We think not. Mandate, baby!


One bright spot? Candace Cameron Bure, even in the face of Whoopi’s hateful wrath:


Candace Cameron Bure handled herself with grace, as always.

And an exit question for Whoopi Goldberg et. al.: