Boy, is this reason to never, ever vote for Hillary Clinton, pointed out by Young Conservatives, a doozy. If you are still on the fence about Donald Trump, take a look at this flashback reminder about Hillary Clinton:



Because, liar.

If nothing else, that should be a tipping point. Because, the reality, conscience or not, is that if Donald Trump loses, then Hillary Clinton wins. Those are our choices in an icky grown up world. And the woman who will make Obamacare even WORSE is not the right choice. At all. She will have carte blanche (so fancy pants!) as yet another “historic president,” with the Gender Card at the ready in the even her hack hounds in the media can’t cover enough for her. No checks and balances from the Fourth Estate. Unlike if Trump wins: Anyone contesting him will be called brave, natch.

Plus, you know, she’s a pathological liar, a completely corrupt person and very likely a straight up criminal. She’ll also load the Supreme Court with justices who will make Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg look conservative. Buy, hey. Trump says meany pants, sometimes stupid things and is orange and stuff. And his “fans,” as they are condescendingly called, are icky inbred hillbillies, right David Brooks?