Heh. And for one Mediaite writer, it is also super embarrassing. You see, this was published during game seven of the World Series Wednesday night:

Oh. My. Gawd. The “KKK” signs? A sign indicating the number of strikeouts, natch.

Pajama Boy’s brother, perhaps? For cripes sake, even I know that and sporty thingies are super hard. The writer, Josh Feldman, tried to blame it on “Twitter users.”

But check out the post’s slug (click to enlarge):


What the heck, dude?

Twitter users swiftly, and rightly, took him to task. While gasping for breath and collapsing with laughter:

Ding, ding, ding! And they’ll do their damndest to invent things to make it so.

Gross. And the funniest part? Check out what the writer did after he was called out for his extremely embarrassing false claim:

Oh sweetie. Bless your clueless heart. Not only do you not understand sporty thingies; You clearly also don’t understand how the Internet works.