Indeed. Bret Baier is on the case and on a roll extensively covering (and uncovering evidence) the Hillary Clinton email scandals (there are many). At this point, “scandals” should be changed to “corruption, straight up.”

Today, Fox News’ Baier gave more new damaging information to fellow Fox Newswer Martha MacCallum, including more damning information about the Clinton Foundation. Sources have told him that indictment is “probable.” Sources have also told Baier that there is a “high confidence” in a lot of evidence that is coming in every day. And not just via WikiLeaks.

Baier confirms that Cheryl Mills’ computer, once part of immunity deal and thought to be destroyed, was never actually destroyed. The computer is reportedly now at field office at FBI. Whoa. What devastating information and evidence will be found now?

WATCH Bret Baier’s full report here: