Holy Hell. That really seems to be the only reason Hillary Clinton can think of as to why you should vote for her. Because, girly bits. Vagina squirrel! OK, I just made myself sick with that visual. Blame Hillary Clinton and her pitiful lady parts platform.

So embarrassing, Hillary Clinton. The reason “hey, vote for me because I’m a girl and am for GIRLZ RULE rights and stuff” is even more mind-boggling when one remembers this:

Yep. And how about Hillary Clinton’s utterly anti-woman agenda while Secretary of State? Human Rights? Baloney. Take a gander at how Hillary’s State Department treated women:

The Left’s racist and misogynistic tendencies were further on display in Hillary Clinton’s State Department with their utter disregard for the fact that Iran was appointed to the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women. The State Department had this to say:

“We’re not going to stand up and cheer,” a State Department official said. “By the same token, that is less onerous than the Human Rights Council because women in Iran, relative to other countries in the region, actually have greater rights.”

Oh, well. As long as you don’t cheer. After all, its only women whose rights are being violated. Women in Muslim societies who can be lashed for bearing an ankle or stoned to death for violating Islamic tenets.

Reprehensible, Hillary Clinton. And THAT is even putting aside the despicable way you treated the women alleging sexual assault by your husband.

Hillary Clinton has ONE platform: Lady parts.

And she fails even at that. Why on earth would any sane person vote for her? Don’t do it. Pulling that lever for Hillary Clinton is not just bad for women; it’s bad for everyone and dangerous for our country.